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Fog vs Lynx Named Opening Game of JAL XII

Back in JAL IX the league decided that each tournament would have a special Opening Game. The Opening Game always features the defending champions from the previous tournament as a way to kickstart the new one. Every tournament the league makes sure that the matchup is one of the most anticipated games of the whole tournament.

The JAL XII opener will be a rematch of last tournament’s WWCD Cup and a clash between brewing rivals, the Bay Area Fog and the Toutle Lynx.

Both teams are now in the American Conference and will be jockeying for playoff position as the tournament goes on. The Fog are currently ranked #2 and lead by the reigning MVP Jacob Rahn. Toutle on the other hand is ranked #3 and is looking to make it the WWCD Cup for a 4th consecutive tournament behind their star pitcher and #1 ranked player Jordan Halverson.

The entire JAL schedule has been finalized and will be released on the upcoming premier of the JAL's new video show The Pitch, hosted by Brock Johnson.

Here is a look back at the JAL’s Opening Game history since it became an annual tradition…

JAL IX: (defending champ) Cobras lost to Bison 2-1

JAL X: (defending champ) Lynx beat Rapids 5-0

JAL XI: (defending champ) Rapids lost to Fog 6-4

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