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Kevin Johnson Signs With Cobras

Kevin Johnson and the Cobras have agreed to a $9/3-tournament deal.

The offer from the Cobras was the first Kevin had recieved from any team, but unlike what most players in the league have been doing, he opted not to wait and see if other teams would make him offers. According to Kevin there was only one precedent to his decision, and the Cobras could give it to him for certain.

“I wanted to continue to be a starting pitcher like I’ve been in the past,” said Kevin, who following the signing has been named the team’s started for JAL XII.

Kevin was the original founder of the Bison and also played for them. In his 8-tournament career with he managed to win 2 WWCD Cups with the Bison, who ended up forming the JAL’s first true and most historic rivalry with the Cobras. After JAL IX Kevin gave up ownership of the team and James French became his successor as owner of the franchise.

Kevin has been inactive for the last two tournaments, but is now back in the action and here to stay. James French has made clear that he is content with the Bison’s current roster and is not looking to make in moves, so returning to his roots was never an option for Kevin.

The Cobras-Bison rivalry today may not be what it once was, but make no mistake that Kevin switching sides of the rivalry will definitely be a storyline going forward. When asked to comment about now playing for a team that use to be his biggest enemy Kevin dodged the question by saying “I’m just excited to get back on the field and team up with Cale.”

…. The Cobras and Bison are set to face off on primetime in JAL XII.

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