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Lynx Sign Anthony Nusbaum

The Toutle Lynx have had $4 in cap space to play with, and last night owner JoLynn McCully decided to use (almost) all of it up by signing rookie Anthony Nusbaum to a $6/2-tournament contract (max rookie deal).

Anthony joined the JAL early yesterday and the league was planning on making the announcement today. However, late last night the Lynx snagged him up before anybody else would have time to take a look.

When he spoke with league officials about getting listed as a player in the JAL, Anthony seemed eager to join a team, especially since every team’s roster is beginning to near it’s capacity as JAL XII approaches. JoLynn is the only owner familiar with Anthony, so it’s really no surprise that he accepted the offer right away.

Anthony is 21 years old, played 4 years of HS baseball and some college baseball afterward. He is currently ranked #19 in the league’s top 20 player rankings. In his baseball career, Anthony has been a pitcher, but JoLynn says that’s not where he’ll start at right away for the Lynx…

“He is going to start at DH and do some fielding. As a former baseball pitcher of some skill we hope to work him into an all-around player first that we aim to keep on the Lynx long term. He will give us much needed depth at all positions once we eventually rotate him into pitcher down the road. Ultimately that will maximize our teams versatility, limit fatigue and keep our opponents guessing,” said JoLynn.

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