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Kyle Koopman Will Play with Dislocated Collarbone in JAL XII

Kyle Koopman of the Ubbelohde Hill underdogs suffered a shoulder injury a little over a week ago playing basketball. After recently getting x-rays, the injury turned out to be much more severe than we originally thought…

As you can see in the x-ray picture, Kyle has a dislocated his left collarbone and must wear a sling for 6-8 weeks, but he says he is still going to play in JAL XII despite the injury.

“I’m gonna play one-handed,” said Kyle. “It should be interesting, but I have a plan…”

Kyle was currently the #13 ranked player in the league. Even though he’s going to play through it, his expected limitations are quite a blow to the underdogs who have now dropped from #7 to #8 in the power rankings.

Kyle is listed as a pitcher/outfielder but at this time it unclear who is going to be the underdogs starting pitcher in JAL XII. Kyle pitched for the team back in JAL IX, but the underdogs also now have Adam Clark on the roster who was a starter for the Cobras in JAL XI and Tierney Uhlenkott who is supposedly going to convert to pitcher.

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