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Rapids Sign Mason Klingberg

Earlier today the Rapids signed free agent Mason Klingberg to a 1-tournament contract for $5.

Mason spent the first 2 tournaments of his career playing for the underdogs. As a rookie expectations for Mason were fairly high because he is a good athlete, but he did not live up to them (sorry Mace). In his career (JAL X-XI) Mason’s all-time JAL record is 1-6 and he has never made the playoffs or won an award. He served as the underdogs starting pitcher in 5 of those 6 games and lost all of them. In JAL XI his era was a brutal 11.80.

Things have been a little better so far for Mason with the bat. In JAL XI he had an OBP of .459 and has been known to send balls deep if he can get ahold of them.

When Mason became a free agent after JAL XI the underdogs wanted nothing to do with trying to re-sign him. Since we are only a little over 2 weeks away from JAL XII it was starting to look like no other team was going to try and pick him up either, until today.

Rapids owner Julie Johnson is confident in her team's ability to keep opponents from putting up a lot of runs with Ty Johnson at pitcher, but has her concerns on the offensive side. Though the Rapids won JAL X, the last two tournaments they haven’t been a team that scores a lot, but instead wins with defense.

For the last couple weeks Julie has had her eye on free agents Mason and Bryce DesArmo, but chose to pursue Mason.

“He has a stronger bat (than Bryce) and that’s what we need,” said Julie who hopes joining the Rapids will jump-start Mason’s potential and bring life to his so far struggling career.

The Rapids were considered in the running to sign rookie Lucas Myers, but doubting the probability of him signing with them, chose to lock up Mason. The Rapids payroll is now exactly $14, which means they have $0 in cap space.

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