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Cowlitz Signs Nate Williamson

When the Express signed Brad Williamson a few weeks back it became only a matter of time until a team in the league went after his little brother, Nate Williamson.

Much like Brad, Nate was a good high school baseball player and rumor has it he’s pretty skilled at wiffleball too.

Late yesterday, the the Cowlitz Bambinos decided to bring their roster size to capacity (4 players) and signed Nate to a max rookie contract of $6/2-tournaments.

Nate has a pitching background in baseball, but at this time it is unclear if he will be the team's starter as owner Hunter Whitten has previously stated that Colton Titus will command the Bambinos defense at pitcher.

Nate enters the JAL ranked #16, and the Bambinos have moved up to #6 in the power rankings. It might be time to stop overlooking the Bambinos, who are slowly becoming a dark horse pick to make some noise in JAL XII.

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