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Kyle Godinho Releases Video of Himself Pitching

Everyone knows there has been a lot of hype placed on rookie Kyle Godinho. But since all that hype has come from word of mouth rumors, it’s fair to have been a doubter on just how good he will be.

Well, we finally have our first glance at how good Kyle really is…

Last night Kyle took up a practice session at pitcher, filmed it, and sent it in to league officials.

When you watch the video below it is clear that he is going to be the hardest pitcher in terms of speed the league has ever seen. If you watch the ball close on his pitches you can also see that he has the ability to put movement on the ball.

Whether or not he can do it in a real game with pressure remains to be seen, but this video leaves little doubt that Kyle is quite possibly the frontrunner to win MVP. Don’t forget that he is surrounded by #8 Brad Williamson and #9 Taite Kleine on the Missouri Express either.

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