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Chat Sesh: Ty Franklin Hopes to Build on Solid JAL XI Outing in JAL XII

Ty Franklin is a player in the league that doesn’t get talked about much. In his rookie tournament (JAL XI) Ty quietly put up good numbers (such as 3rd best OBP) and helped the Columbia Bison make an unexpected run to the postseason. Ty seems to be a hushed guy, just does his job and is subtly efficient… The type of player you would consider when using the “moneyball” theory.

This week on Chat Sesh we got Ty to open up a bit more...

Cale: In JAL XI you put great stats and played a big role in getting the Bison to the playoffs, but nobody talks about you much around the league. Do you consider yourself one of the most underrated players in the JAL?

Ty: I’ve always liked the underdog role. This upcoming tournament is another chance to prove myself in this league.

Cale: With all the new talent that’s come into the league, the Bison have sunk to #8 in the rankings. Convince me why you guys are going to surprise everyone again in JAL XII and make the playoffs again…

Ty: In JAL XI we had a content mentality that we wouldn’t go very far. We lacked confidence. Before the tournament we didn’t practice much. This time, we are planning to get the team together and prepare more. We want to find out exactly what each of us (Me, James French, Mikel Skreen) are best at and hone in those skills. We won’t take it TOO seriously though, it’s still all about having fun.

Cale: You were the team’s starting pitcher for the first 2 innings of the Bison’s opening game vs Vancouver in JAL XI. In those 2 innings you really struggled, giving up 8 runs. How much of a weight was it off your shoulders when James took over pitcher and ended up having an all-star tournament?

Ty: I’m grateful he stepped in. It was ugly. I hit a few people, so if you were one of them I’m sorry. I’m sure after having a good tournament he’ll pitch for us again. I’ll try my hand again when we practice, but he’s the guy right now, and I have no fuss about that.

Cale: Your contract with the Bison expires after JAL XII. Will you consider signing with a new team when the time comes?

Ty: Only if James refuses to re-sign me. Me, James and Mikel have always worked well together, on anything. We’re bros for life, so I hope we stay together as teammates with this.

Cale: You guys seem to have a friendly mentality toward the rest of the teams in the league. Maybe too friendly. There’s gotta be a team or player you have distaste for…?

Ty: There’s nobody we don’t like. I do know that James disagreed with Darren winning the Fielding Crown though. And I think a lot of people were miffed about Jacob possibly pitching a little in front of the line. Sorry Jake.

Cale: If it’s not the Bison, who do you predict to win JAL XII?

Ty: If it’s not us I really want to see the Fog repeat. I think our team’s great leader (James) said it best a couple weeks ago, “who doesn’t like watching a trainwreck win it all?”

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