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Cowlitz Bambinos Have Clubhouse Tension as JAL XII Draws Near

Yesterday Hannah Whitten was named coach of Bambinos by her older brother and franchise owner, Hunter. In the announcement Hunter stated that she would have “very little power.”

Well apparently that didn’t go over very well with Hannah, who last night sent in a response to the league…

Her statement was far too long to repeat, but here were some of the highlights..

According to Hannah, “the only reason he agreed to let me coach is so that eventually when Travis Catlin (her boyfriend) joins the league after JAL XII he will sign with the Bambinos.”

She went on later in the response to add that “I do not appreciate the slander toward me. For now I will coach the Bambinos under Hunter, but when I make a name for myself in this league I hope to create my own expansion team.”

How much of an effect does this drama have on Cowlitz? Probably none, it’s backyard wiffleball folks. But it is something we’ll keep an eye on it, as it could become a distraction that negatively impacts the team going forward.

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