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Lynx Owner Says Team Will "Hold Out" Nusbaum in Opening Game vs Fog

In an unexpected statement, Toutle Lynx owner JoLynn McCully, said the team’s new rookie Anthony Nusbaum will play only a little at most in the first game of the tournament.

“I want him to watch and learn the first game,” said JoLynn. “We’ve got Jordan and Stephen who have gotten the job done together before, so we’ll be fine. I don’t just want to toss him out there willy nilly right away.”

When the Lynx first signed Anthony, JoLynn said that she would be sure to ease the new rookie into the team’s system. Obviously at the time nobody expected that to mean he would be sat out in the opener. Somewhat surprisingly though, Anthony has no problem with her decision.

“It’s for the good of the team,” said Anthony. Sending me out there with no experience would be a recipe for disaster. Just gotta trust the process.”

JoLynn admitted that she may decide to put Anthony in the game to play the field for an inning. As for offense, the JAL’s rules are the same as baseball: The batting order cannot change once a game is started, but a player can pinch hit. Whoever the pinch hitter subs in for, however, is not allowed to bat again in the game. JoLynn said she will consider using him as a pinch hitter as the game progresses.

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