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If Fog Repeat in JAL XII, Darren Ayoub Will Get a Tattoo of it

Darren might be the funniest player in the JAL, and he added to that reputation today by stating “if we win back-to-back titles in JAL XII, I will get a tattoo to commemorate it.”

Of course this is an incredibly ridiculous thing to do, so I (Cale) told him the league would only run this story if he swore that he wouldn’t take back the promise if it happens… And he swore to it.

Darren says the tattoo would likely go on his heel, but doesn’t know yet what the artwork would be.

The Fog are #2 in the power rankings, but it will be tough to make it out of the American Conference (which has the #1, #2, #3 and #7 ranked teams). If they were to repeat in JAL XII they would be the first team in league history to do so. The team’s recent signing of Lucas Myers on Thursday, who is ranked #12, definitely improved their odds though.

The Fog might be the most hated team in the league, but with Darren’s oath now on the line in JAL XII they might draw a few more fans.

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