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u-dogs Owner: "Hamilton Will Decide Who Starts At Pitcher"

Who will be the underdogs starting pitcher, has been a topic of speculation for a number of weeks. Today, team owner Cathy Woodruff announced that the decision will be given to her star player, Dustin Hamilton.

“Dustin will make the call,” said Cathy. “He’s the best player and has a lot of baseball knowledge, so I’m allowing him to make that decision.”

The candidates for the job are in fact all four of the players on the underdogs roster…

Dustin was the team’s starter in JAL IX, but was a disappointment and ultimately replaced by Kyle Koopman. In the last couple weeks, though, he has been practicing to redeem himself at the position.

Kyle Koopman took over as the starter in JAL IX for Dustin and played well. But Kyle will be playing with a broken left collarbone in JAL XII, so it’s hard to say if he could still be effective. Kyle has also been practicing and has told league officials “I will pitch” in JAL XII.

Then there’s Adam Clark. Adam is new to the team, but was the Cobras starting pitcher in JAL XI and racked up an all-star selection.

Lastly, Tierney Uhlenkott has mentioned she want’s to try pitching softball style. Tierney was a state champion softball pitcher in high school, and is confident that she could translate those skills to JAL despite the difference in balls.

With Dustin getting to settle the debate the odds are probably in favor that he will name himself the starter, but we’ll see.

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