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JAL Champs Will Be Awarded Title Plates From Now On

In pro sports players get rings after winning it all, so why shouldn’t JAL champions have something too? Well, now they will.

We like our league to be original, so from now on JAL champs will be awarded title plates that they can keep. Why plates? Because the championship is called the Winner Winner Chicken Dinner Cup (WWCD Cup)...You can’t say getting a plate isn’t clever and fitting. And besides, a custom designed championship plate is a cool antique right?

Each plate will be just like a ring in the sense that it will be specifically designed for the player (as you can see in the picture above of Jacob Rahn’s title plate for JAL XI).

In addition with this, we decided to go even an extra step further. Starting in JAL XII, prior to every tournament’s Opening Game (which always features the defending champs), the JAL will do a brief “Plate Ceremony” in which the defending champs will be presented their championship plates. The ceremony will be similar to how pro sports do a ring ceremony before their opening games. For JAL XII, the Bay Area Fog's Plate Ceremony will be at 4:25.

At this time, the Fog’s championship plates from JAL XI are the only ones that have been made. However, plates will be made for the winners of every JAL tournament, all those people will just have to be patient.

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