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JAL XII Crown Award Winners Announced

Pitching Crown - Kyle Godinho (Missouri Express)

With only 4 runs allowed and leading the Express to an undefeated tournament, Kyle racks up the Pitching Crown to go along with his MVP.

No other player was considered for the award.

Fielding Crown - Stephen Todd (Toutle Lynx)

Another playmaking tournament for Stephen Todd wins him his 2nd career Fielding Crown award (the first was in JAL IX). His hustle to stop balls helped the Lynx make another deep run in JAL XII.

Nate Williamson (Cowlitz), and Dareen Ayoub (Bay Area) were also considered for the award.

Batting Crown - Cale Johnson (Vancouver Cobras)

Coming off his worst career performance with the bat in JAL XI, Cale hit numerous home runs and lead the Cobras to being the highest scoring team in JAL XII (10.4 runs per game). This is Cale’s 3rd career Batting Crown win (others were JAL III, and JAL VIII).

Taite Kleine (Missouri) was also considered for the award.

The All-Star selections will be announced tomorrow.

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