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Introducing the League's New Expansion Franchise, the Washougal Wrecking Crew

Ladies and gentlemen, the JAL is proud to announce that a new franchise has officially joined the league. The Washougal Wrecking Crew will be owned by Aaron Deister, who attends Oregon State University and is a Washougal native.

Aaron says he intends to sign other people he knows from Washougal to the team as well as himself.

The Wrecking Crew will be the first franchise in the league to use orange as a team color. As seen in the team’s official logo, black, grey and white are also included.

At this time, it has not yet been determined which conference the franchise will be placed in. The league, however, has decided that the decision will be determined by a coin flip that will be broadcast via video in the next week or so.

We assume that for basically everyone associated with the league, Aaron Deister is unknown name. In case anybody was curious, Aaron’s relations with league officials originates from being an old basketball teammate and friend of executive commissioner Cale Johnson. The two played AAU basketball together back in high school for multiple years.

Once again, we are excited to add the Washougal Wrecking Crew to the JAL and wish them success going forward.

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