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Washougal Fills Roster to Capacity, Sign 4 Players

Just four days after officially joining the league, the Washougal Wrecking Crew has completely filled out their roster.

Franchise owner Aaron Deister said when the team was introduced that he intended to sign rookie players that only he knows from Washougal, and he stayed true to that statement.

Because all the players are rookies, their contracts all have an automatic length of two tournaments. Every player except Deister was signed to a rookie max. The team’s payroll tops out at $11, which stills gives them $3 in cap space. They however, can’t utilize that money because the roster is now at capacity with 4 players.

Below are the signees and a little info about each one from Desiter. To view each one's player page click on their name.

Aaron Desiter: To begin with, Deister signed himself to a $4/2-tournament contract. He expects to pitch a little and/or DH.

Michael McElroy: $6/2-tournaments. Expected to play the field.

Sean Guthrie: $6/2-tournaments. Expected to pitch.

Jaden Jantzer: $6/2-tournaments. Expected to pitch or DH.

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