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The JAL has Officially Began Production on JAL XIII

The league is excited to announce that development for the next tournament, JAL XIII, is officially underway. While a number of details are still being worked out, or are being kept confidential for now, here are all the things that can be announced at this time…

Theme: As we are sure everyone has noticed by now, every tournament is themed. For JAL XII the theme will be the 1-year anniversary of the league (Founded May 18th, 2015). The official JAL XIII logo is in the works and will be released soon.

Date: There are a handful of dates in mid-June that are being explored as the potential date for JAL XIII. The league expects to have it nailed down in the next week or two.

Time: Given that it will be summer time, and on a weekend, the league would prefer to start the tournament around noon, but nothing is official yet.

Location: Right now, officials are intrigued with the idea of playing at a new location. Various soccer fields are being considered at this time. Why? The league wants to test using soccer goals as backstops, and the layout would be perfect for another 2-field set up.

Extra Note: For the first time, the JAL will try to begin production on multiple tournaments in advance. What this means is that the league will most likely be developing and releasing information on JAL XIV, which is two tournaments out.

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