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Cobras Sign Free Agent Bryce DesArmo

Early this morning the Vancouver Cobras inked free agent veteran Bryce DesArmo to a HS contract (contract type for players in HS). Since the end of JAL XII the Cobras have been outspoken about signing a player to shore up the fielder position. Over the last couple weeks the club has been narrowing down their options, until today team owner Erika Halverson decided on DesArmo and pitched him the deal.

In the offer the Cobras stated they intend to name him the team's starting fielder, but not bat the lineup. Given Bryce's rapidly declining stock value prior to the signing, he accepted the offer without hesitation and no problem with not batting.

Bryce's 4-tournament career in the JAL started off red hot. In his first two tournaments he racked up 2 Fielding Crowns, 2 All-Star's and was even named MVP of JAL VII. Then everything went south. In JAL VIII and IX Bryce's production took a steep dive and was eventually cut from the Columbia Bison. (Click here to view Bryce's player page)

For the last 3 tournaments JAL X - JAL XII Bryce has been sitting on the free agency shelf, waiting and hoping for someone to pick him up, but team owners had seemingly written him off as a quality player in the league as none pitched him a contract.

"Honestly, I was really beginning to think nobody wanted me," said Bryce. "Defense is my stronghold though, so I stayed confident a team would give me another chance eventually, and I'm glad I was right."

Looking for a niche player to lock down the outfield, Bryce was ultimately just what the Cobras were looking for.

"We've got 2 strong pitchers (Michael Sullivan, Kevin Johnson), a strong lineup and now a strong fielder which is what we have been missing for the last few tournaments. Now we are totally well rounded" said owner Erika Halverson.

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