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Storm Sign Free Agent Nick Proudfit

Just a day after officially joining the league, the Anaheim Storm have acquired their first player in franchise history. Nick Proudfit and the team have agreed to a very, very, small $1/1-tournament contract.

Proudfit made his JAL debut in the previous tournament, JAL XII with the Castle Rock Rapids, who finished 1st in the National Conference regular season, but lost in the NC Finals.

Rapids owner Julie Johnson had been considering the idea of trying to re-sign Proudfit since the end of the tournament. Ultimately, she did not get to control her own destiny with that decision with the Storm stepping in and picking him up.

Following his debut, the general consensus with Proudfit seems to be that though he is not an all-star level player, he can be a consistent role player with big play capability on offense and hustle in the field. According to JAL analyst Brock Johnson, Nick is a player that he could see "randomly be an all-star" and get better as his career progresses.

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