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Michael Sullivan Signs Extension With Cobras

JAL XIII would have been the last tournament on Sullivan's $6/2-tournament contract, but late last night he and the Cobras reached a $18/3-tournament contract extension, effective immediately.

The Cobras were fully aware that if Sullivan were to become a free agent after the upcoming tournament he would be one of the top players on the market. But team owner Erika Halverson knows the talent she's got in #4 ranked Sullivan, and made him the offer, which upon signing sucked up all of Cobras remaining cap space.

Sullivan admitted after the signing that other teams within the league had already begun recruiting him behind closed doors, in anticipation that he would soon be a free agent. However, Sullivan cited that he admires the great history of the league's most successful franchise and is satisfied with the strength of it's current roster, as reasons for wanting to stay with the club long term.

Note: The Cobras have won 3 WWCD Cups (most of any team). Current roster also includes, Kevin Johnson, Bryce DesArmo, Cale Johnson.

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