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Clark Rejects Extension from u-dogs, Wants to Test Free Agency After JAL XIII

The $20/2-tournament contract extension that the Ubbelohde Hill underdogs offered Adam Clark yesterday apparently wasn't enough to persuade him into committing to the team long term.

"No offense to Grannie Woodruff (franchise owner) but our team isn't exactly geared for success, and I want to see if I get any other offers," said Clark.

JAL XIII will be the final tournament on Clark's current $10/2-tournament contract with the team. Next off-season he is set to be a free agent.

Grannie Woodruff says that although the offered was denied, it will still be on the table for him after JAL XIII.

"I'm by no means ruling her offer completely out," said Clark. But doing so now definitely says a lot about his desire to most likely leave the franchise in the coming future...

Why? Because if he had signed the offer, Clark would have been the tied with Jordan Halverson of the Lynx as the highest paid player in the league despite being ranked #10 in the player rankings.

With the fallout of this negotiation, the u-dogs are now looking to trade Clark to any interested teams out of fear that they will eventually lose him for nothing. Immediately upon hearing that the u-dogs are shopping Clark, serious trade talks between an undisclosed team have erupted. Whether or not the two sides can reach a common ground is yet to be determined, but if so would certainly happen in the very near future.

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