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Is Fog-Lynx Rivalry Dead?

Prior to JAL XII, a competitive back and forth battle for power had developed between the Lynx and Fog. Going into JAL XII it had been deemed the league's current premier rivalry and was even made the Opening Game of the tournament.

But in JAL XII the Fog took a significant step backward in the league's food chain as they went 0-3 and missed the playoffs. Meanwhile, the Lynx continued yet again their now 4-tournament long successes as they made another deep playoff run, this time ending in the AC Finals.

The way the American Conference standings shook out in JAL XII is why the question of whether or not this is still a rivalry is being brought up (Below is AC JAL XII standings).

1. Express (3-0), won WWCD Cup

2. Lynx (2-1), lost in AC Finals

3. Bambinos (1-2), missed playoffs

4. Fog (0-3), missed playoffs

Basically, after JAL XII the Fog probably aren't the center of attention for the Lynx any longer. The best way to describe this situation is comparing it to a well know example: Think back a few seasons to when Seahawks vs 49ers was intensely heated, but when the 49ers started to drop off so too did the rivalry.

Another factor worth mentioning is that this match-up doesn't have enough history to still be considered a rivalry despite the current disparity in rank between the teams. Rivalries CAN and DO exist no matter what the circumstances if there is enough to draw on from the past. In the JAL Cobras vs Bison is not an interesting match-up right now at all, but it's still considered the Yankees vs Red Sox of the league because of the well-remembered power struggle between the teams that lasted from JAL IV - IX.

The Fog and Lynx were defiantly on pace for a similar narritive. In JAL X and XI they played each other in meaningful games, went back and forth and even squared off in the WWCD Cup (JAL XI). Unfortunately, if the Fog can't get back on a level playing field with the Lynx the 2-tournament likely won't be enough for the rivalry to last.

But a rivalry is all a matter of opinion. Maybe the heat is still very much turned to on high between the team? Tell us what you think by taking the poll question.

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