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underdogs Announce They Will Change Logo...Again

The Ubbelohde Hill underdogs have announced that the team's official logo will undergo a change, yet again. The franchise has already changed its logo twice before in its history and will now be doing so for a third time.

What is most surprising about the logo change is that the underdogs only played one tournament with their current logo (howling husky) and already want to refashion the franchise's image again.

As you can see in the image below, every time the team has changed its brand they have maintained using a dog as their image and the colors of purple and gold, though the type of dog and shades of the colors are usually altered. Will the underdogs stick to that formula this time around or will they unveil something drastically different?

The u-dogs "new look" will be displayed tomrrow.

JAL logo (JAL 9-pres).png
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