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Bambinos Look Improved In Practice Video

Make no mistake, expectations for the Cowlitz Bambinos in JAL XIII are high. They were given the honors to play in the Opening Game, and many people seem to be prematurely chalking their name into the playoffs. As a non-playoff team in JAL XII, perhaps the hype train for this team has gotten a little out of hand, but you can bet they're ready to answer the call.

Last night three members of the Bambinos (Traver brothers and Colton Titus) observed by co-owner Brian Whitten, sent in a practice video that mostly highlighted the three players pitching. The clip will be made public tomorrow, inside a video in which the Johnson brothers will show the footage and then discuss their reactions.

Until tomorrow the only thing the league will say about the video is that all three players look dangerous, and that Nate Williamson's projected status as the team's starter is probably now up in the air. Look's like the league's got itslef another pitching controversy!

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