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Lucas Myers Says He's Active For JAL XIII

The Bay Area Fog have long been waiting for Lucas Myers to finally hit the field for them and it sounds like he will in JAL XIII. Myers told league officials yesterday that he is active for the tournament and is excited to suit up for the Fog at last.

When the Fog expansion franchise joined back in JAL X they spent a time span of two tournaments trying to sign Myers. Eventually he inked with the team prior to JAL XII, but ended up being listed as out days before the tournament.

On the reliability scale for franchise owner Darren Ayoub, Myers is so far posting somewhere near an F grade. But Ayoub has remained patient. He's confident, like most JAL analysts, that Myers could be a difference maker/all-star type player.

Because of his track record so far, many people will continue to assume that Myers is still listed as "questionable" for the tournament, but the fact that right now on paper he is technically listed as "active" is great news for the Fog who desperately need to bounce back in JAL XIII.

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