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Anaheim Signs Tyler Hudson After Scare From Fog

The Storm had been rumored to be in negotiation with rookie Tyler Hudson for a number of days, and yesterday they closed the deal. Hudson and the team agreed to a $6 over 2 tournament contract, but things got a little sketchy for owner Kyle Koopman in the process.

Apparently after hearing the initial reports a few days ago the Bay Area Fog secretly got into contact with Hudson and made him an offer to play for their team. The details of the offer are unknown.

After that, Hudson informed Koopman of the situation, and Koopman was not happy. Shortly after, Koopman offered Hudson a max rookie deal to lock him up before anything else could potentially happen, and he accepted it.

Right now it is unclear what position Hudson will play for the Storm, but the team is excited to have him on board the roster.

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