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Rapids All-Star Ty Johnson Likely Out For JAL XIII

-- Let us first start off by saying that Ty Johnson had successful knee surgery yesterday and is on his way to a full and healthy recovery. --

Everyone has know for multiple months now that Ty would be having this knee surgery. He's played through the injury (cartilage tear) for the last three tournaments, but it's not something that someone should go all through life without repairing. The operation was inevitable.

In all the time leading up to yesterday's surgery it was unclear how severe the recovery process would be. Doctors said it ranged as far as him being free to walk right after, or having to use crutches for several weeks. However, the first possibility is what was indicated to be more likely.

Because of that, in the build up to JAL XIII everyone had been questioning how effective Ty would be able to be at pitcher coming off a knee surgery. Nobody really questioned the possibility of him being completely sidelined.

But when the procedure was over Ty seemingly got struck out of JAL XIII with a unexpected curve ball from the doctors. For the next six weeks Ty will be required to wear a straight leg ACL brace, and not allowed to do physical activities with his legs.

Between now and JAL XIII Ty is scheduled to go in for an evaluation of his recovery process, in which he could potentially be freed to use the knee... But right now, that's a long shot.

So what does this mean for the Rapids? Bad News Bears.

Castle Rock had been pinned a "contender," but after this news, they may struggle to even make the postseason. Since acquiring Ty in JAL X, the Rapids have been one of the league's best teams, tournament in and out. This is quite a blow. Time to start warming up that arm Shawn Godinho...

The Rapids have now dropped from #4 in the power rankings to #6 allowing the u-dogs and Bambinos each to move up a spot on the ladder.

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