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Cobras Will Have New Ownership After JAL XIII

Vancouver Cobras current owner Erika Halverson has officially announced that JAL XIII will be her final rodeo as the authoritative head of the Cobras franchise. After the tournament, Drew Delucchi will become the team's new owner and will change the location name from Vancouver to San Fransisco.

Besides owning the Cobras, Halverson is and will continue to be involved with other aspects of the league. Because of that, and her recognition that a number of outside people have requested to own teams in the league, she wants to let someone else get to have the experience.

Of the multiple candidates, the JAL selected Drew Delucchi (a college friend of Cale Johnson's) to take the position. Delucchi is an SF native.

In Halverson's 4-tourney career as Cobras owner, the team has a combined record of 9-8, playoff appearances in every tournament, and has made two trips to the WWCD Cup.

Delucchi will be inheriting the JAL's most accomplished franchise, which has 3 titles (most of any team), the most wins of any franchise (26-13 all-time), and has never failed to miss the playoffs. Those stats may change in JAL XIII, but never the less this franchise is about as good of product as one could inherit in this league.

When Delucchi steps into the ownershp role he will not only have history on his side, but also all the players currently on the roster will still be under contract with the team (unless traded or cut between now and then).

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