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Darren Ayoub, Mikel Skreen Out for JAL XIII

School is no fun in general, so summer school is that much worse. Which is what both Ayoub of the Fog and Skreen of the Bison will be doing this summer. For quite a while each had been deemed as "questionable" because it had been undetermined when they would have to leave the area. But this week it became official that they would be "out" for their teams in JAL XIII.

Both players are important pieces to their team, especially Skreen. However, this news isn't totally crushing since neither team was expected to make a lot of noise even with them.

Never the less, both teams will feel the void of their missing players on the field. For the Fog it will be Darren's fielding and the Bison Skreen's batting.

Both the Fog and the Bison still have complete rosters, so there isn't a mandatory need for either to go sign another player, but there's probably a decent shot they will simply to add depth for the tournament. Bay Area is probably more likely to do so, as they have recently tried to sign rookie Tyler Hudson, but lost him to the Storm.

As of now the Fog's active Roster is Jacob Rahn and Lucas Myers and the Bison's active roster is James French and Ty Franklin.

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