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Team and Award Odds for JAL XIII

JAL XIII is only 16 days away, which means it's about time for the league to release a set of pre-tournament odds.

If you're unfamiliar with how odds work it's very simple. The number on the left indicates how much money you would win for betting the number on the right. For example if the odds are 5/1 it means if you bet $1 and the outcome was correct you would win $5.

*These odds are for show only, the JAL is not actually taking bets and giving payouts.

Here are the current odds for 5 different categories. The top 10- 5 presumed outcomes are listed depending on the category. Odds are subject to adjusted between now and the tournament.

Odds to win the WWCD Cup

Interestingly the Cobras have better odds than the Lynx despite being ranked lower. Reasoning for this is simply because they play in a weaker conference and have a better chance of getting to the cup.

Another similar situation is the Wrecking Crew, who have slightly better chances than the underdogs even though they're lower ranked. The explanation here is that Washougal is a new and unknown team. It's hard to say just how well they will do, so giving them odds worse than 15/1 would be a huge risk if they turn out to be title-level good.

Odds to win MVP

No surprise here that the reigning MVP has the best chances by a 3 point margin.

Something to keep in mind with individual odds is considering the position each player plays. History says that pitchers are far more likely to win the MVP award than fielders and DH's.

History also says that winning teams, especially players on the championship team have great odds for this award. In the 12 tournament history of the league only one time ever has a player who was not on the winning team won MVP (Brock Johnson JAL 5).

Odds to win Batting Crown

Unlike the previous two categories the batting crown is a bit wide open between the expected favorites.

Something to consider about with both the batting and pitching crown odds is who the batters and pitchers will be facing on their schedule. A player with a weaker strength of schedule may have an advantage over another. Then again, ever factor (such as that) is taking into account in the end when the awards are distributed.

Odds to win Fielding Crown

History tells us that really anybody can win the fielding crown because factors such as how good your team performs overall doesn't matter as much.

Why? Well think about it, fielders get more action and opportunity to make plays if their pitcher keeps giving up hits.

Then again, Jordan Halverson is one of the best arms in the league and his teammate Stephen Todd has won the award twice before...

Odds to win Pitching Crown

Even if the Express get dethroned there's a great chance Kyle Godinho will still win the Pitching Crown... But crazier things have happened before.

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