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u-dogs Sign Josh Wall, Fill Roster to Max

Former underdog Josh Wall has been signed to a $4 over 2 season contract which has now brought the team to its max roster space.

Wall began his two season career with the u-dogs back in JAL X. When his contract expired after JAL XI team owner Cathy Woodruff chose not to re-sign him.

In both seasons the team failed to make the playoffs and had a combined record of 1-5 and his stats were average to below average. His contract during that time was a $10 over 2 season deal, his new one is less than half as much for the same amount of time.

Since becoming a free agent two seasons ago, Wall has drawn little interest from teams and had received no official contract offers.

Cathy Woodruff is known to like having a full roster, and the familiarity with Wall is something she pointed out as a good reason to bring him back.

In his earlier days with the team Wall played both the outfield and pitched. Though analysts say he is not a quality starting pitcher they seem to agree he could serve well as good relief option in limited innings.

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