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Anaheim Adds Rookie Kyle King to Team

The Storm are slowly starting to grab people's attention and have moved into #6 in the power rankings. Recently they signed rookie Tyler Hudson and today Kyle King. Both are athletic players in their mid 20's with a lot of potential.

King's contract is an incredibly small $2 / 2 seasons. The team now has a maximum 4-man roster, but somehow still has $8 in cap space. Franchise owner Kyle Koopman might just be the cheapest, yet cunning, owner in the league.

When asked what position King will be playing Koopman said that's "undisclosed information." He said the same thing in regards to Hudson a couple weeks ago when he was signed.

Apparently the Storm have been secretly been doing private workouts in the last week or so, but nothing about it has gotten out.

Koopman did say something though about his roster that he may not be wrong about..

"Trust me, we're going to be better than we're getting credit for."

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