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Wrecking Crew Adjust Player Positions

Earlier today Washougal owner Aaron Deister informed the league that position changes have been made to the players on his roster. The team has been practicing lately and is refining who should be playing where.

Of course with the Crew being a new team that nobody has significant knowledge about the changes aren't able to be assessed much. Regardless, here is what Deister said...

- Michael McElroy will likely be the team's starting pitcher. He was originally set to play the field.

- Sean Guthrie and Jaden Jantzer will throw relief if needed.

- Jantzer will start at fielder. McElroy will play the field if Jantzer goes to pitch relief.

- Guthrie and Deister will be DH's.

When we finally get to see Washougal play in JAL XIII we will be able to fully evaluate if these were the right decisions.

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