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New Strike Zone For JAL

As fun and nostalgic as it is to use lawn chairs as the official strike zone for JAL, it's time our league graduates to something a little more sophisticated.

As you can see the new strike zone will be a 2ft. wide, by 3ft. tall rectangle that will be lifted 21 inches off of the ground. League officials came to those official measurements by carefully considering the average heights of players and the length of the official yellow bat.

When compared to the lawn chair, the new zone is slightly bigger. Additionally, the new zone is obviously perfectly vertical, whereas the back stop of the chairs were a bit slanted.

Another cool feature with this modification is that the zones can be decorated in multiple different ways. For JAL 13 the zones will be red with a big "K" for strikeout.

We are excited about the new and improved official zones and hope all our members and fans will be too.

JAL logo (JAL 9-pres).png
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