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The Latest from Express Clubhouse

There's one week left until JAL 13 and every team has the same goal... Take down the Express.

Here's a collection of reports from members of the team that have been gathered over the last few days.

- Brad Williamson WILL pitch relief innings for the team in JAL 13 to help preserve Kyle's arm to effectively go the length of the season (Report via Kyle Godinho).

- Godinho and Williamson HAVEN'T PRACTICED since JAL 12, but are "not concerned" (Report via Kyle Godinho). Franchise owner Garrett Blain IS CONCERNED about his team having a sense of complacency going into JAL 13 because of their success last season (Report via Garrett Blain).

- Blain is currently SEARCHING for a "good" high school player to add to the roster probably after JAL 13 (Report via Garrett Blain).

- Godinho and Williamson plan to stick together when they become free agents after JAL 13. Whether or not they will continue to play together on the Express or do so on another team has NOT BEEN DECIDED YET (Report via Kyle Godinho).

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