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Break Down of Tournament Eve Roster Drama for Storm

Are you still trying to understand what the heck happened yesterday with the Storm? We are too, but here's a breakdown...

Franchise owner Kyle Koopman cut himself from the team on Thursday night, and Friday afternoon cut Kyle King as well.

Yesterday afternoon, after cutting King, Koopman signed Colby Gaston to a rookie max deal. Gaston drew interest this offseason for a couple teams, but was never made an offer. Shortly after the signing, rookie Alyssa Hudson was inked to the team. She is the wife of Tyler Hudson whose spot on the team's roster was the only one not tampered with during all the drama.

Late last night the Storm also signed rookie Joey Kiyohara.

As it stands the Storm currently have a maximum four player roster, but every single one is a rookie. When you consider that just a couple weeks ago the Storm's roster consisted of two player (Koopman and Proudfit) neither of whom are on the roster now, you could say the franchise is a mess.

With all this crazy activity, players with no experience, and King (a rookie who was highly anticipated) now cut from the team and replaced by different players less hyped it's no surprise the Storm have dropped from #6 in the power rankings all the way down to #9.

Not a good way to be going into your franchise debut... Could be ugly, but you never know.

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