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Lynx Roster News: Halverson Wants Off Team, Nusbaum Cut

JAL 13 has only just concluded, and already drama going into next season has begun to unfold.

Earlier today Toutle's star player Jordan Halverson publicly expressed a desire to be released from to team, despite his lucrative contract with the team.

Halverson's biggest reason is that the Lynx over the course of the last 5 seasons have preformed progressively worse. He also added that he would like to team up with other star players, instead of carry a team on his shoulders like he has done with Toutle.

After hearing the news the Lynx decided to cut a player on their roster, but it was not him. The player was Anthony Nusbaum, who did not play for the team in JAL 13, but did in JAL 12.

The Lynx have not yet made a formal statement regarding Halverson.

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