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2 New Expansion Teams Coming

The league will grow again this off-season! 2 new franchises are set to official join the league this week.

One of the teams will be owned by Taite Kleine and the other by Anthony Nusbaum. The JAL will introduce Kleine's team first tomorrow, and Nusbaum's team the day after.

Kleine applied to own his own team after JAL 12 and was approved to do so, but had to finish his contract with the Express in jAL 13. Nusbaum was approved around the same time but after JAL 13 still had 1 season remaining on his contract with the Lynx. On Sunday however, Nusbaum was cut and relieved of his obligation to the team, allowing him to begin the franchise ahead of schedule.

After both teams are introduced there will be a coin flip to determine which conference the teams will be placed in.

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