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Storm/King Agree to Deal

Kyle King has been on the Storm roster before. Prior to JAL 13 he was on the roster, but a day before the season team owner Kyle Koopman cut him.

Now, he and Koopman have agreed to another deal of $4 over 2 seasons. We'll see if King makes it all the to the season with the Storm this time around...

The Storm now have 3 players on the roster (Hudson, Gaston and King) and still $6 left in cap space to try and make a splash in free agency.

However, Gaston is reportedly demanding to be cut from the team so that he can sign with the Mafia. Koopman says he does not want to release Gaston because he was a ital part of the Storms success in JAL 13.

Because Gaston is threatening to hold out if he is not released, Koopman and Mafia owner Taite Kleine are reportedly in trade negotiations to send Gaston to the Mafia for something in return.

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