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Tyler Traver Re-signs With Bambinos

The first chip in free agency has fallen! The Bambinos have secured their play making batter to a $5 deal over 5 seasons ($1 per season).

His value far exceeds the minimum salary of $1, and because it's 5 seasons long he'll be locked into the contract even when the cap goes up to around $70 after JAL 14 (or gone entirely), but for some players in the league, like Tyler ,that doesn't matter.

"It's not about the money with him," said co-owner Hunter Whitten. "He just wants to win."

But according to Traver it's not. Instead, it's all about loyalty to the team that gave him a start in the league.

"I wouldn't leave the Bambinos even if we got last every season," said Traver.

Whitten says the team is still in negotiations on a deal to keep MVP Nate Williamson on the team. Williamsons status however, is currently listed as doubtful for JAL 14 as he will be in Alaska until around the end of the summer.

Whitten's only comment on the working deal with Williamson was that the terms of the deal are "more creative" than Tylers. Whether that means more money or a shorter length is unknown.

He also went on to mention that the Bambinos are currently in "ongoing talks" with Express free agent Kyle Godinho but did not reveal any details about the negotiations.

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