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Halverson cut by Lynx After Going Back on Demand

The Toutle Lynx have officially parted ways with their star player and former MVP, Jordan Halverson.

Immediately after JAL 13 Halverson was unhappy with the team's steady decline since winning the cup back in JAL 9. He demanded to be cut, or traded but was calmed down shortly after when owner JoLynn McCully offered him the position of general manager, which he accepted.

Late last night however, Halverson again demanded to be released, and the Lynx having had enough with the situation, did so today.

It has been reported that even after Halverson accepted the GM position multiple teams were contacting him about going back on strike with the Lynx to sign with their team. Perhaps that is what lead him to do so...?

"I believe it is what's best," said Halverson. "I've made a lot of good memories and cherish every game I played as a Lynx. It's time for me to discover what talent I can bring to another team. I send much love to JoLynn and the franchise."

With him no longer on the team, the "Halverson/Todd" Lynx era now draws to a close and the once prominent franchise will enter into rebuilding mode.

McCully only commented that she wishes him the best of luck on whatever team he plays for next.

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