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Express Historic Run Ending Early?

Over the last two seasons the Missouri Express have certainly left their mark on JAL history. They are responsible for forming the league's first ever "Big 3," and changed the game with incredible pitching from Kyle Godinho and Brad Williamson.

Overall the team is 8-2 with a championship to their name, but sadly great things don't last forever.

Taite Kleine has already left the team in free agency to own his own expansion franchise. Both Godinho and Williamson are free agents as well. Each have recieved an offer to re-sign with the team, but will reportedly take their time this off-season to evaluate all their options and offers from other teams.

Everyone knows Express owner Garrett Blain is one of the best, but he's up against quite a wall. He recently spoke out about the potential of his franchise being left in ashes if both stars additionally move on to another club. Here is his statement.....

"I'm fine with players wanting to take their time feeling out offers. I believe that those two are the best free agents on the market. As an owner I need to speak with other free agents and keep building networks. Prepare for the worst hope for the best is the only thing I can do at this point until Kyle and Brad come to a conclusion. I treat all players fair when I have cap room, and after a championship I have been known to increase pay and responsibilities. As for Taite, I hope him the best, but I look forward to the opportunity to beat the Mafia."

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