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Shawn Godinho, Express Reach Deal

The Missouri Express and free agent Shawn Godinho have reached an $18 over 3 season deal that contains a player opt out option after 2 seasons.

In the early stages of the negotiations Godinho was reportedly asking for $12 per season, but the sides eventually agreed on $6.

The Express are still in ongoing talks with Kyle Godinho and Brad Williamson, trying to get the stars to re-sign with the team. Missouri however, now only has $8 in cap space to work with to try to make that happen...

Obviously the signing of Shawn provides the Express insurance if Kyle and Brad leave, but does Shawn's $6 per season deal now hurt the Express's chances of preventing it?

"All I can do now is pray," said owner Garrett Blain when asked about Kyle and Brad's decision.

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