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JAL XIV Date and Location is Set

The fourteenth installment of JAL will be on Sunday, August 14th at Riverside Park in Lexington, starting at 2pm.

Riverside Park offers lots of shade for the anticipated hot weather, as well as plenty of space, good grass, parking.

JAL 14 will be the final single-day season. JAL 15 is set to be the first of a new short season format the league is adopting. it will begin around thanksgiving and ending slightly after new years.

The official JAL 14 logo is pictured on the right.

The regular season schedule is complete, but will not be revealed for another couple of weeks. The Opening Game matchup featuring the defending champion Bambinos will be announced next week.

With 2 new franchises and lots of action still to be concluded in free agency this off-season JAL 14 will be filled with good storylines and should be another great season.

JAL logo (JAL 9-pres).png
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