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Feud Between Storm, Mafia Over Gaston

Colby Gaston has 1 season left on his rookie contract with the Storm, but for he and the Mafia that's too much.

Here's the situation, Gaston knew the Mafia were going to be joining the league after JAL 13 and had been verbally agreed with team owner Taite Kleine to join the team. Gaston, however, accepted a 2-season rookie offer from the Storm so that he could play in JAL 13.

An unofficial agreement in the deal was that after JAL 13 Storm owner Kyle Koopman would cut Gaston so that he could go play for the Mafia.

To many people's surprise, including Koopman's, Gaston turned out to be one of the Storm's best players, some consider him their most valuable.

Because of that, Koopman decided not to hold up his end of the unofficial agreement to cut Gaston. Now, an ongoing feud between Kleine and Koopman is reportedly reaching a boiling point. Yesterday Kleine brought the matter before the league commissioners, but his case was dismissed.

According to rumors, Gaston is now threatening to hold out of JAL 14 if he is still with the Storm. As a counter, Koopman is reportedly in trade talks with the Mafia for Gaston, hoping to get something in return.

Sources say the Mafia are trying to execute a sign and trade with a free agent. Basically this means whoever the Mafia were to sign would be immediately traded to the Storm for Gaston. Sources say Lane Traver is who the team is currently targeting to pull it off and an offer has been made.

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