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Express Sign Rookie, Marcus Deyo

Missouri has picked up new rookie Marcus Deyo. The two parties agreed to a 2 season deal worth just a dollar for each one.

Of course given that Deyo and Kyle Godinho are good friends, this immediatly begs the question... Did Kyle have any influence on the signing? Probably, especially after you consider that owner Garrett Blain would otherwise have no idea who Deyo is...

The fact that Deyo took a minimum salary also makes it seem likely since the Express are still fighting cap room to re-sign not only Kyle, but also Brad Williamson.

What do you think? Does this signing hint the Express are close to retaining their two free agent stars?...

Blain's only comments was that Deyo will likely play the field for the team, but did not say if he would start over recently acquired Shawn Godinho who is currently projected to.

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