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Trade Alert: Storm Send Gaston to Mafia for Cash

The stare down between Anaheim owner Kyle Koopman and Mafia owner Taite Kleine regarding Colby Gaston has come to a close. Late last night the sides finalized a trade that sends Gaston to the Mafia for $35 cash.

The deal is just the 2nd trade in the history of the JAL, the last one was way back in the off-season leading up to JAL 9 and also involved a player for cash (there has never been a trade that was simply a clean swap of players before).

Trade talks between the teams over Gaston had been ongoing for at least 2 weeks to the league's knowledge, maybe more. To learn more about how the situation started please view previously reported articles.

After the trade was submitted, Storm owner Kyle Koopman said the following in an official statement:

"I wasn't going to give him up for free and he (Kleine) wouldn't put any players on the table, so money it was. I thank Colby for his service in JAL 13, he came in clutch. I wish him and the Mafia the best of luck.

In Kleine's statement he said only that he was glad a deal was finally reached and that the negotiations didn't have to get too ugly.

Here are the current rosters for both teams now...

Anaheim Storm

Tyler Hudson (P)

Kyle King (OF)

Northwest Mafia

Taite Kleine (P)

Colby Gaston (OF)

Adam Luoto (P, DH)

*Quick Note: Anaheim now only has 1 member remaining on the roster from last season in which they made it to the WWCD Cup.

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