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Finalized Terms of Future CBA

Below is the official future CBA document. The rules within it will take effect immediately after JAL 14 when the current CBA expires. For future reference, when this document takes effect it will be available to view at all times at in the Rulebook. Thanks to everyone who participated in the voting for these future rules.

CBA Length

- Takes effect on: 8/15/16 (After JAL 14)

- Expires in: 3 seasons (After JAL 16). Opt-out option by Commissioners after 2 seasons

- Seasons played under this CBA: None yet


- The JAL owns each franchise, but appointed "owners" of each franchise are allowed to control their team

Roster Limit

- A team can have no more than 5 players on its roster at a time

- A team must have no less than 3 players on its roster at all times during a season

- For a player to be on a team's roster they must be under a contract

Salary Cap

- Each season, a team’s payroll cannot exceed $65

- Payroll: The combined salaries each player is due to make in the next season

- Example: If in the next season Player A is going to make $26, Player B $25 and Player C $24, then that team’s payroll is $75, which would exceed the salary cap

- If a player is on a team's roster, but is inactive for the entire season their salary still counts on the team’s payroll


- Contacts are in seasons passed lengths

- Example: Even if a player is out for an entire season it still counts toward the length of their contract

- Minimum salary is $3 per season

- Minimum contract length is 1 season

- Maximum contract length is 10 seasons

- A contract can only be terminated by the team

- A contract can be traded among teams

- Contract extensions: Allowed after a player has been under current contract for at least 1 season. If signed take immediate effect, prior contract is terminated

- Contracts cannot be reconstructed once signed

- Bonus money or incentives in contracts or off the record is prohibited

- If a player is cut by a team, that team cannot sign them again until the following off-season

- Any contract transaction must be signed off by the owner(s) of the team(s) it is with

Dead Periods

- Trade Deadline: Halfway point of the regular season

- Free agency: No contract offers can be made or signed once the playoffs begin until 2 weeks after the season

Contracts: Rookies

- Automatic length of 2 seasons

- Maximum total salary of $20. Maximum per season salary of $10

Contracts: Players in High School

- No Salary allowed

- Contract expires when player finishes high school

Franchise Tag

- When a player's contract expires the team can automatically sign the player to a 1 season contract extension for the following season without the player's consent

- Teams can only exercise this option between the time they are eliminated and the end of the free agency dead period

- The salary amount for this contract is found using this formula: The average per-season salary in the JAL + 50%

- A team can only exercise the Franchise Tag once during the duration of this CBA

- All money in a franchise tag contract is guaranteed

- A HS player cannot be franchise tagged

- A player cannot be franchise tagged in back to back contracts

Management Personnel

- Contractual agreements between franchise owners and their front office managers (general manager, coach, president, ect.) are not regulated by the JAL

Conflicts of Interest

- Someone cannot be involved with multiple teams at once in any way

- If ownership of a franchise is shared the majority owner gets final decision making power

- If majority ownership is shared both parties must agree on final decisions

- A majority owner cannot take away ownership from a minority owner

- The commissioner(s) of the league have power to remove an owner if necessary

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