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Williamson Bros Out for JAL 14, Will Likely Sign After

Unfortunately 2 of the league's best players Nate and Brad Williamson will be out for JAL 14. Both are currently free agents and word on the street is that they will both likely wait to sign a new contract until after JAL 14.

It makes sense for them each not to lock themselves into a deal until they make their return for the JAL 15 season. A lot could change between now and then with rosters, and contract salaries will be going up a lot with the new CBA that takes effect after JAL 14.

Both players have been expected to re-sign with the teams they've been on (Nate - Bambinos, Brad -Express). How much will those teams be hurting without them? Does the fact that they probably will wait until after JAL 14 to sign increase the chances they could switch to a new team? Lots of questions that we'll have to wait for.

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