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Kyle Godinho Re-Signs with Missouri

Express owner Garrett Blain can take a big deep breath.

Face of the franchise Kyle Godinho has reached a deal with the team to re-sign. The terms of the deal are 2 seasons / $14, but Godinho has an opt-out option after the 1st season.

"It feels good to know he's staying with us, I can relax now," said Blain.

Godinho entertained outside offers from a number of teams, but says the only two he seriously considered were from the Bambinos and underdogs.

The JAL 12 MVP is currently ranked #2 in the JAL 14 Top 20 Players List, but many still consider him to be the league's finest.

Blain says he expects Godinho to exercise the player option after JAL 14 to become a free agent again because salaries will increase dramatically when the salary cap rule rises to $65 once the new CBA takes effect after the season.

When the time comes, Blain says he will be prepared to make Godinho a multi-season offer north of $100.

Missouri's roster now consists of Kyle Godinho, Shawn Godinho and Marcus Deyo. They have no remaining cap space.

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